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IMS Magnetic Mining started life when it was decided to use our specialist Magnetic knowledge for applications in the mineral processing industry. Our first entry was in Coal Washing Plants where we began repairing Magnetic Drum Separators. That was around 1993. We found many errors in the magnetic systems of many drums repaired by non-magnetic technicians, so we decided to develop a testing system for these drums that proved very popular.

So the business grew from there into the manufacture of Tramp Magnets, testing and maintenance of Electromagnets and through to the supply of new mineral processing equipment.

From coal we began to include Mineral Sands processing then Hematite. Then from Australia to various countries, China, Indonesia, Malaysia. We have supplied a variety of products, which have been manufactured in Australia, South Africa and China depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

On some occasions we have even designed new machines to solve particular processing requirements.

Our entry into the scrap handling industry began with the repair of a very large Eddy Current Separator used to separate electrical conductors such as copper or aluminium from plastics in the car recycling plant.

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Scale Busta

Scale Busta Magnetic Scale Eliminator focuses a very intense magnetic field through the pipe wall into the water to be treated, with AMAZING results

Scale Busta Magnetic Scale Eliminator focuses a very intense magnetic field through the pipe wall into the water to be treated, with AMAZING results. Read more

Throughout this site you will see special links like this: magnetic flux. This is a link to the popup version of the site glossary, containing explanations of all the technical terms used. We suggest that after use you leave the glossary window open so it will be instantly available if you need to look up another word.

If you are in need of technical information such as the calculation of flux densities, permeance coefficients, unit of measure conversions etc. or, on the other hand - if you have an engineering or technical problem that may be solved through magnet technology - contact us !!

We do know Magnets !

Solving challenges worldwide through the creative application of magnet technology.

Think About It...

Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets, combined with some lateral thinking, could be the ideal problem solver. The high field strength of the Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets may have transformed a previously impossible application into the current best solution.

Need it lighter, faster, stronger, smaller or more efficient?

Talk to us - we may just have the answer you need.

Australia Magnet Australia

We own the Largest and Most Powerful Magnetiser in Australia. We are also the sole representation for Arnold in Australia & New Zealand. Click here for a direct link to The Arnold Engineering Company in America.

Remember to check back here often for the latest news in IMS & Magnet Solutions for whatever industry you are in.

Investors required for Magnetic product development

Do you want to be financially involved with the development of new magnetic products?

We at International Magnetic Solutions are always involved in the development of new magnetic products to satisfy a never-ending list of applications. Sometimes we fund the development ourselves and sometimes the projects are funded by product champions from other companies.

In general however we end up with more projects than we can fund. So we thought that we would send out feelers to find out if there are people or companies that would like to be involved in magnetic product development.

We're not sure whether to fund the projects as individual products or to start up a projects development business.

I welcome any replies and comments.

Victor Cassar

Managing Director

International Magnetic Solutions

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